Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop’s number one priority is customer satisfaction!
We take pride in what we do! We offer the area’s best prices on gold, silver,
With over 60 years of jewelry experience and
top notch professional customer service, you can’t go wrong at Gold Trader and The
If you’re doing some de-cluttering this summer, take a look in your jewelry box and bring any used, old or broken items to Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop for extra cash or trade up for another piece of jewelry! If you haven’t worn it in awhile, it’s time
to clean up and make some extra money or get another piece of jewelry you love!
We know that selling your items is a personal and confidential matter, thats why each transaction is done in a private buying area.  We will examine each of your items to determine the proper karat, weigh them and price them at the current market prices right in front of you.
With our BUY PRICE GUARANTEE, there is never a bad time to sell your unused gold, silver, platinum and collectibles. If 30 days after you sell your items to Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop, the price of the precious metal you sold is higher than it was on the day you sold, we will send you the difference as if you’d sold at the higher price! Some restrictions do apply so please be sure to ask the precious metals expert during your visit. No one else pays you more AFTER the sale. Only Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop!
Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop is the place to buy and sell your diamonds,
gold, silver, platinum, silver plate, jewelry, coins and collectibles. We will give you
honest, upfront service in a professional setting.  We look forward to meeting
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: 413-304-2335 or just stop in Gold Trader and
are open Mon, Tue, Wed 9am-6pm, Thurs 9am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm

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