It’s hard to believe, we know… but the Holidays are right around the corner! That’s right, there’s only about three months left to prepare. What you might not know is that now is the best time to shop and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have your Holiday spending money put aside yet… use LAYAWAY! At Gold Trader and the Diamond Shop, there’s no charge to put items on layaway now and redeem them right before Christmas! All that’s needed is a nominal down payment and your shopping is done!

There’s a tremendous advantage to shopping now. First of all, we’ve already stocked up for the Holiday rush, so right now there’s a great selection of jewelry on hand. Gold, Diamond, Silver and Platinum jewelry; all at fantastic value prices. Second, you get to beat the crowd! Who likes to shop when it’s shoulder to shoulder in the store? And, at the big box stores, they hire a lot of temporary help who may not know the first thing about jewelry. Rather than just show you an item, Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop personnel are prepared to explain exactly what you’re looking at and give you an item by item comparison so that you find the gift that’s just right. Third, it helps you budget your gift expenses! Plan to make a payment every couple of weeks so that once the Holidays roll around you’ll have plenty of extra cash. Shop today and use layaway!

If you’re surprised that you can buy jewelry on layaway, don’t be! We decided from our first day in business to do all the right things for our customers. We invented, and remain the ONLY place to offer, the Buy Price Guarantee that, for people who sell us gold, pays them twice for the same sale. We have chosen to price our jewelry way below the mall jewelry stores. At Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop, you’ll pay less for the same OR BETTER item than you’ll pay at the Mall.

You can layaway a gold chain, a pair of earrings, a tennis bracelet, a watch…anything! Even a diamond ring! Did you know that Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day is the most common time for people to get engaged? Our diamond prices and selection will AMAZE you! As an example, we had a customer to the mall and quote the price on a ring. When he came to us, he got the SAME ring he wanted AND had enough left over to pay for the honeymoon!! Whether you want a small diamond or a big diamond; white gold, yellow gold or platinum; halo setting or solitaire; we have just what you are looking for at prices that will keep you coming back. We prove our jewelry values every single day.

Of course, you could also choose to take advantage of our Special Financing Options that allow you to take the item today and pay over time. There are two different programs available… see the store for details.

So, allow us to summarize… for the best service, best prices and best selection, come to Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop where you can beat the Holiday rush! BUY TODAY AND USE LAYAWAY at the only store where you’ll find the Prospector; the person who knows for sure where to find the best values.

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