Yes, We’re Buying!

selling-jewelryAre you contemplating cleaning out your jewelry box and getting some extra cash for the jewelry you don’t wear anymore? You’ve come to the right place!  At Gold Trader (, selling your gold, silver and platinum jewelry or diamonds has never been easier!

You have choices when it comes to selling jewelry. But Gold Trader offers the best of all worlds. Our size, modest overhead, experienced staff and full time certified GIA diamond professionals means you get the best value for your items every day.

If you are looking into selling online, be careful and do your research wisely! There are many internet scams out there even on eBay! And, if you read the papers, you will find people being harmed while selling their items in person through Craigslist or other personal ads. Buying and selling locally, in person through a trusted source, is the best way to go.

We are absolutely positive that if you sell your jewelry at Gold Trader, you will be getting the best price and professional service around. We have a simple philosophy in that we want to bring honest value and professional service to every customer on every transaction.

Our direct relationship with refineries allows us to pay you top dollar for your precious metals. We also have a full time certified gemologist and Diamond District affiliation which means you get direct to New York diamond prices!

We handle every transaction in a comfortable, private area. Each of your items is thoroughly examined to determine the proper carat. We then weigh, test and price at current market prices right in front of you. No smoke…no mirrors…everything explained every step of the way.

Gold Trader is the only one to offer our exclusive BUY PRICE GUARANTEE. You will receive your payment on the day you sell your jewelry. However, with the BUY PRICE GUARANTEE, if after 30 days from the date you sell, the price of the precious metal you sold us is higher than the day you sold it, we will send you the difference as if you had sold it for the higher price. There are some restrictions, so make sure to ask us about our BUY PRICE GUARANTEE when you visit us!

There are many things to consider before selling your jewelry – stay tuned to the second part of theGold Trader blog coming early next month!

Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop ( are located at 1360 Allen Street, Springfield, MA 01118. Just look for the Prospector on the Gold Trader sign, directly opposite Berkshire Bank and Talmadge School, between Bradley Road and Bicentennial Highway. We can be reached by phone at (413) 304-2335 or email at

A Diamond in the Rough

Engagement Rings at Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop located at 1360 Allen Street, Springfield, MA 01118Bigger isn’t always better. The Gold Trader, located at 1360 Allen Street in Springfield, MA, focuses on quality not quantity. Quality not only in the product you are purchasing, but in the experience of making that purchase. We believe that the experience of buying a piece of jewelry is just as important as the piece you are buying. Our mission is to bring honest value and service to your next diamond purchase.

With over 60 years of jewelry experience and direct relationships with refineries and diamond suppiers, you just can’t beat our selection, quality and prices. We focus on value and bringing the prices of the big name jeweler down to the right size! Time after time, a direct comparison of our diamond prices to the big box stores has shown that Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop’s prices can be 50% and more lower! For example, one of our clients designed a beautiful engagement ring.,, 1360 Allen Street, Springfield, MA 01118He chose the setting, selected the larger center stone and two side diamonds. His total price was $4500. Seems like a lot of money… but, let’s put it in perspective; prior to coming into Gold Trader, he was quoted, at a national-brand mall store $8,000 just for the diamond – no side diamonds, no settings, nothing – just the diamond. Had he continued the transaction at the local mall, he may have spent well in excess of $10,000. In the end, he purchased the ring he wanted from Gold Trader (and paid for the honeymoon) for less than the price of a single diamond at the mall…it’s that plain and simple.

Remember that mission from above? Now let’s talk about service. We will help you find, design or repair the diamond and jewelry you really want! If you’re not finding the diamond or jewelry item that you love in our store we have access to thousands more – just a click away. Buying yourself, or a loved one, jewelry can be a real investment both financially and emotionally. We take the time to educate you on the diamond or jewelry that you’re interested in purchasing. The Gold Trader staff is here for you to help make the process less stressful.

We have a simple philosophy; we want to bring honest value and service to your next diamond purchase. You deserve a quality product at every day, unbelievably low prices supported by outstanding customer service. That’s Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop. Call us a diamond in the rough! We minimize the glitz and glamour and maximize our product, service and value.

Gold Trader and The Diamond Shop are located at 1360 Allen Street in Springfield, MA and are open Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri from 9am-6pm; Thurs 9am-7p and Saturday 9am to 5pm. Please feel free to call us at (413) 304-2335 or email us at

You could pay 50%-75% more elsewhere…but why would you?